Steering committee LUCIS

The LUCIS steering committee advises on the policy of LUCIS and initiates its activities. It currently consists of Maurits Berger, Léon Buskens, Jan Michiel Otto, Petra Sijpesteijn (director) and Nico Kaptein.

Prof.dr. P.M. (Petra) Sijpesteijn (directeur)

Expertise: Islamic history; Arabic papyrology; historiography.
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Expertise: Islamic law; political Islam; freedom of religion; relation between law and religion; the role and influence of Sharia in Western countries; the dialectic between ‘Islam’ and the ‘West’.
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Prof.dr. L.P.H.M. (Léon) Buskens

Expertise: culture, law and Islam in contemporary Muslim societies, especially Morocco; anthropology of Muslim societies; Islamic law; history of orientalism.
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Dr. N.J.G. (Nico) Kaptein

Expertise: relationship between Islam and local culture; relations between the Middle East and Southeast Asia in the religious domain; Islam in Indonesia; Dutch Islam policy in the Netherlands East Indies; life and work of Sayyid `Uthmân of Batavia (1822-1914).
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Prof.dr. J.M. (Jan Michiel) Otto

Expertise: law, governance and development; Sharia and national law; local government; environment and land tenure.
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